Through the process of the analysation it became clear, how the concept and the works have changed in time, how they transformed from ‘traditional’ sculptures into an installation, where the audience can get involved with the objects and the space. I began enlarging the sculptural objects, so people could enter them. These sculptural elements were usually combined with some other media (video works or photographs) because I found these media the most expressive from the point of effect or meaning. My interest turned towards functionality, so I began to design objects that people can use. Through the function they would get more involved and become integral parts of the piece – the participation of the audience is one of the most important part of my installations. Most of my works (Meat Channel, Relax, Container, Urban Gardens, Spacecraft) takes the given gallery situation and transforms it into an interactive scenery. It affects the audience, it makes them do what they normally do not do in the gallery, they are physically „using”, enjoying the space through my work. My intention is to dissolve the boundaries between viewer and participant, and invite the audience to interact, engage and enjoy.